Meet Jeroen!

Since November, Jeroen is joining the Costo group! Jeroen is our Operations Director and we asked him to introduce himself. Get to know Jeroen here!

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Increasing demand for multi-user warehouse

Multi-user warehouse | Increasing demand for shared warehouse solutions A “multi-user warehouse (MUW)” is a warehouse where multiple end customers share one warehouse or distribution center. At Costo Intralogistics, we notice an increasing demand from logistics service providers for this shared form of warehouse logistics. There are two reasons for this: the contract duration between…

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Job alert

Will you join our team? We have several vacancies available in our fast-growing organization! We are looking for an Automation enineer and a Sales Engineer in Porto (Portugal) and an Internation assembly leader. Are you looking for a unique role where you focus on professionalization for one of the fastest growing organizations in the field of integrated…

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Costo 30 jaar

Costo just turned 30!

Many years in which a lot has been started, developed and further developed. Good for the customers and for Costo as a company.

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What is warehouse automation?

What is warehouse automation? Warehouse automation includes all automation efforts to make the warehouse more efficient. Warehouse automation has two main features: the hardware focuses on the equipment in the warehouse and the software focuses on the proper control of this equipment. What are the benefits of warehouse automation? There are various reasons for choosing…

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Coldservice conveyor pallet

Case Coldservice

Completely deep-freeze and automated warehouse. Twice as many pallets per hour and very compact storage with 22 metres high stacker cranes.

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Donation Edwin van der Sar Foundation

Erik Koudijs handed out the donation to Annemarie van der Sar of the Edwin van der Sar Foundation. This year we’ve decided to act a little different as usual at the end of the year. Instead of giving a personal present to our relations we made the decision to donate to a good cause instead:…

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Costo intralogics

Case Smyths toys

Retail and e-commerce combined in one warehouse. This was the result of an optimal focus on scalability, stock optimization and reducing the required m2. The smart application and collaboration of WMS, ERP & hardware made this possible at Smyths Toys in Walsrode, Germany.

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Erik Koudijs nieuwe CEO

Costo & Xtend appoint Erik Koudijs as new CEO Erik Koudijs (former MD Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Benelux) succeeds Alarik Lens van Rijn as CEO of Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software. With Erik Koudijs, Costo & Xtend have acquired a well-known name with extensive experience in the logistics sector. Erik Koudijs has been appointed to…

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How to automate pallet transport

Automate pallet transport? Choose the conveyor, AGV or …. the monorail. Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Pallet transport with conveyor, AGV or monorail? The use of a moving transport system is almost 100 years old. The pioneering work was mainly done by the Ford Motor Company, which was the first to start…

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Voice technology

Voice technology in order picking Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Five good reasons to use voice technology in order picking At the last Logistica fair, Costo presented a special vest. A vest with voice components and a speaker set for optimal and voice-controlled order picking. Of course, there are many other voice…

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Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics, ‘boxification’ and processing the returns Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Reverse logistics offers plenty of opportunities You will not have missed it. Recently, we could read in the media that several advisory bodies (such as the Board of Government Advisors) warned the government about the ‘boxification’ of the Netherlands. It…

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Costo & Xtend strengten their postion

Costo & Xtend strengthen their position in the market Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software strengthen their position in the market DGA’s of Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software sell the majority of the shares to OxGreenfield for further growth and development of the companies. Gorinchem, February 15, 2021 – Costo Intralogistics and Xtend Business…

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3 Pitfalls in automation

Three pitfalls when automating your warehouse Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Three pitfalls when automating your warehouse According to the trade press, speakers at logistics conferences and even according to many logistics managers, you will automate your warehouse. The advantages are obvious: shorter lead times, fewer errors, better use of space, more…

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Pickkar Costo Intralogistics

Changing role warehouse worker

The modern warehouse worker ensures return in the warehouse Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant The modern warehouse worker ensures return in the warehouse The warehouse changes from cost center to growth center. Multi-channel, omni-channel, e-commerce, diversification; all developments that transform the once dusty location into a dynamic environment with sorters, elevators, AGVs…

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Do I need a WMS for my warehouse? Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Why a WMS? Don’t I already have an ERP for my warehouse? At materials handling fairs, you can usually choose from an extensive series of lectures and presentations to update your knowledge. According to the many ‘gurus’, we can…

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Stock management

Optimise your stock management Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant How do you keep a grip on the stock? Your e-fulfilment business is growing. Your customer base is growing. But more customers also means more product inventory. Moving to a larger building may seem obvious, but it is not always an option. If…

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