Meet Pol de Bres, our creative service manager

This is Pol. He joined our team in his new position as service manager last September. With a commercial background and experience in engineering, this is a field Pol has always been interested in. In fact, he previously worked as Sales & Marketing Manager in the can making industry. Because of his years of experience, he can empathize well with the customer world when it comes to processes. So he’s at the right place with us!

Service manager role

This position is challenging. ‘No two days are the same as service manager at Costo,’ Pol says. ‘From providing, drawing up and following up on quotations for current service contracts to planning and evaluating service work; everything comes along. As the service department, we are responsible for all mechanical, electrical and software-related issues after project completion. We are placing more and more emphasis on service & maintenance, as this is crucial for our customers. After all, when systems shut down, it has major consequences for our clients and their customers. We want to prevent such situations and solve problems as quickly as possible. This is why we do business reviews with customers on a regular basis, so that we can identify problems in good time. This works like a train and I get compliments on this so far.


Pol continues: ‘I prefer to be on the customer’s working site. I enjoy working together and looking for solutions on a project basis. What gives me the most energy is when I can achieve something with customers. That really gives me a good feeling.’


First impression

Pol’s first impression of Costo is positive. ‘I have been able to taste the atmosphere at Costo for a few months now. The colleagues are pleasant to work with. What makes Costo so special is that we deliver high quality products, it is real craftsmanship. Customers love our software and want to work with it! The complete unburdening of the logistic process at the customer is also really important to us. We are good at combining hardware and software, that is our USP. Fortunately for us, the market never stands still. Of course I have entered a growing organization and a new position, so it is sometimes hectic and requires flexibility.


Looking forward to the future

‘I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with the team on the service of the Costo Group! And you can always call me,” Pol smiles. “With our experienced team and extensive knowledge, we are ready 24/7 for all our service activities!


In addition to his busy work schedule, Pol is always busy in his free time. Like remodeling houses, spending time with friends and family and not to forget his great passion; making music. He has enjoyed doing that all his life. ‘Sitting still is nothing for me, I just love creating things.’


May we continue to develop many beautiful things together at Costo, Pol. Thanks for your enthusiasm!