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Introduction to shuttle systems

High storage density

Shuttle systems are the perfect solution for rapid and efficient deposition and retrieval of large numbers of pallets. The high storage density means that valuable storage space is utilised as effectively as possible.

The benefits of Shuttlesystems

  • Optimal space utilisation
  • Modular and scalable
  • High turnaround performance
  • Reduced incidence of damage and accidents
  • Simple to integrate with existing ERP systems

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a shuttle system work?

A shuttle system for warehouses consists of one or more pallet carriers (shuttles) that move autonomously and efficiently through a compact racking block. The shuttles receive transport assignments from the WMS by means of a wireless connection. They travel over rails in the racks to, and then beneath, the relevant pallet, lift it and then transport it to the desired location. The racking block is equipped with one or more integrated lifts that move the shuttles vertically to the desired level. The system can accommodate a variety of pallet sizes and is suitable for use with both LIFO and FIFO methods. Wide aisles are no longer necessary, enabling high storage density. Minimising manual operations also reduces the risk of damage and accidents.


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