Erik Koudijs (former MD Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Benelux) succeeds Alarik Lens van Rijn as CEO of Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software. With Erik Koudijs, Costo & Xtend have acquired a well-known name with extensive experience in the logistics sector. Erik Koudijs has been appointed to facilitate the sustainable growth of all three sister companies, which will enable us to serve our customers even better.

Logistics entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation
Erik Koudijs has fulfilled CEO responsibility within intralogistics and logistics for many years. He managed a large number of material handling mergers and acquisitions in recent years, from which UniCarriers and ultimately Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Benelux emerged as leaders in material handling, logistics and warehouse solutions. He became passionate about technology and innovation during the rapid development of these companies.

Koudijs: ‘Changing customer needs and new automation possibilities for more efficient and effective warehouse organisations led me to start a new division within Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Benelux, with a focus on warehouse automation and robotisation. After seven successful years in that entrepreneurial role, I was attracted to apply my intralogistics knowledge and experience at Costo & Xtend because of their market potential and growth ambitions.’

Vision of the future
Erik Koudijs has a clear vision of the Costo & Xtend future: ‘These specialist companies have a unique organisation with three offices in Tilburg, Gorinchem and Porto (Portugal) – each with its own areas of expertise and innovative solutions. The goal is to maximise customer and employee satisfaction by creating a culture of knowledge sharing and by realising synergies between the different companies at the three locations. The current warehouse automation trend and process has considerably increased the demand for flexibility and rapid adaptability. The merger enables us to respond faster and better to this customer demand, without surprises. The basis for sustainable growth.

Costo & Xtend business growth and organisational development
Alarik Lens van Rijn (former CEO) is delighted with the arrival of Erik Koudijs: ‘Erik’s knowledge and international experience make him the ideal addition to achieve our organisation’s planned growth. His arrival means I can focus entirely on business development to help realise the organisation’s long-term value development.