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Ideal for longer distances 

A monorail is ideal for rapid transport of goods over longer distances. Monorail systems are flexible and ensure a continuous flow of goods. They are scalable and available in a variety of designs, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

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The benefits of a monorail

  • Continuous goods flow
  • Rapid transport
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Scalable

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a monorail work?

A monorail is a rail-bound system that is fast and easy to install. Monorails are more efficient than conveyors and enable goods to be transported rapidly over long distances. Where fixed routes are concerned, for example between the warehouse and production floor, monorails are the perfect solution. Because the vehicles on the rails are interchangeable, a monorail system is also extremely flexible. Maintenance has a minimal effect on processes as the remaining vehicles stay in use. There is a choice between a linear or circular design depending on the intended application.

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