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Picking process within reach

Zone picking puts a fast and efficient picking process literally at your fingertips. It is more clearly due to automatic transport. It also minimises walking distances and elevates picking performance to unprecedented levels.

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The benefits of zone picking

  • Greater clarity due to automatic transport
  • Reduction of order picker walking distances
  • More efficient order picking, solid picking performances
  • Ergonomic picking processes
  • Rapid, reliable goods flows

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does zone picking work?

Zone picking is facilitated by dividing the warehouse into order picking areas or picking lanes. Order boxes or bins are fed automatically past the various zones, for example by conveyor belt. If the items for an order need to be picked in a particular zone, the box or bin is directed to that zone. Once there, the goods are added and the box/bin continues on its route until the order is complete. It is then delivered to the shipping department. The zone division and automatic transport between the zones keeps walking distances to a minimum and enables enhanced picking performances. To achieve even greater efficiency, this concept can be combined with pick to light, drop to light and/or voice picking.

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