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The solution for compact and efficient storage

A platform lift enables compact and efficient goods storage. The goods are directly presented to the order picker. Transport and waiting times are kept to a minimum, improving picking performance and guaranteeing high productivity.

Plateaulift leanlift

The benefits of a platform lift

  • Solid order picking performance
  • Closed, secure storage
  • Compact and high-density storage
  • Minimal transport and waiting times
  • Can be integrated with WMS

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a platform lift work?

A platform lift is used for the safe storage of often smaller items. We integrate the platform lifts of Hänel Storages Sytems in our  projects. The goods are stored in a closed cabinet; usually in bins that are distributed among several drawers. This system requires minimal floor space. The drawers containing the necessary items are presented to the order picker one by one, using a lift. Walking, transport and waiting times are minimised, and the order picker can concentrate on picking the correct items. Picking performance can be further improved by integration with pick to light, so that the picking location is displayed on the drawer.

Images: Hänel Storage Systems

Plateaulift leanlift

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