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Automatic measuring & weighing

Prevent errors and increase productivity by automating the measurement and weighing of goods with the Costo Cube Scanner. The Cube Scanner converts product information into importable data. For example, for the WMS.
A practical and smart tool for inbound, outbound and master data.
Ideal for parcel transport and warehouse management!


The advantages of the Costo Cube Scanner

  • Increases productivity up to 10 times
  • Reduces costs for manual data entry and errors
  • Easily capture and transfer data
  • Reliable

Which Costo Cube Scanner is the best fit for your warehouse?

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How does the Costo Cube Scanner work?

The Costo Cube Scanner weighs, measures and takes a picture of the product/packaging.
The output of the data is in different file types: CSV, XML, HTTP, API, ARROW.
There are different models available of the Costo Cube Scanner, for the requested output and maximum portable weight.

Cube Scanner 3 1600x900

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