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A reliable solution for internal transport

Conveyors are a reliable alternative for the internal transportation of large quantities of goods, often over longer distances. They come in all sizes and designs, suitable for any situation involving the transport of boxes, crates or pallets.


The benefits of conveyors

  • There is always a suitable type available
  • Maximum transport capacity, minimum space required
  • Accomplish more with the same number of people
  • Rapid, reliable goods flows
  • Safe, ergonomic operation

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a conveyor work?

Conveyors come in a variety of types and sizes, from belt conveyors and roller conveyors to chain conveyors and pallet conveyors, both powered and non-powered. There is a suitable solution for every situation.

Conveyors can not only transport loads horizontally or to other floors, they are also suitable for sorting, accumulating or buffering goods. Choosing a conveyor is mainly a practical consideration. After all, the technology has more than proven itself, it is quick and easy to install, and there are no exceptional floor requirements. A conveyor reduces the amount of traffic on the shop floor, replacing chaos and the likelihood of accidents with clarity, structure and a continuous, reliable goods flow.

Sorter conveyor
Storage pallet conveyor

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