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A compact storage of 40 meters high 

When every cubic metre counts, a warehouse stacker crane is the right choice. At over 40 metres in height and requiring minimal aisle widths, cranes guarantee compact storage for pallets and bins. Because the cranes run automatically, you also save on labour costs.

The benefits of a warehouse stacker crane

  • Savings on operational costs
  • Minimal footprint, maximum utilisation of height
  • High storage capacities and turnaround times
  • Can be flexibly deployed across multiple aisles
  • Reliable

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How does a warehouse stacker crane work?

Warehouse stacker cranes are designed to make optimal use of valuable storage space. Racks more than 40 metres in height can be operated flawlessly, while the required aisle width is kept to a minimum. 

The crane moves automatically along the aisle, taking the most ideal route to the location specified by the WMS.
Depending on the type of warehouse stacker crane, loads can be deposited and retrieved either at single depth, double depth or even multi depth. Single-depth and double-depth warehouse stacker cranes offer an extra degree of flexibility by being able to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes. A single warehouse stacker crane can serve a number of aisles if desired.


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