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Smart and affordable

A pallet lift is used to move pallets vertically, for example between different floors. This facilitates a partially or fully automated goods flow that is safe, ergonomic and fast.
It is a smart and affordable means of increasing the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

Pallet lift

The benefits of a pallet lift

  • Space-saving vertical transport
  • Can be integrated with a pallet conveyor or palletiser
  • Suitable for use with both empty and loaded pallets
  • Safe and ergonomic
  • Available for various pallet sizes

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a pallet lift work?

Pallet lifts can be used for both empty and loaded pallets. Once a pallet has been placed in the lift, it is transported automatically to another floor. The vertical movement keeps the space requirement at a minimum. By integrating the pallet lift with a conveyor belt and/or a palletiser, you can create a partially or fully automated pallet flow. Manually operated conveyor movements are limited, increasing clarity and safety on the floor. Transporting pallets with a lift is less burdensome and therefore more ergonomic for your employees. Pallet lifts are available for a range of pallet sizes.


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