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Introduction to order picking robots

For the most diverse tasks

Robots are now indisputably an integral part of any warehouse, being utilised for a wide variety of often repetitive tasks. In particular, goods-to-person order picking robots are widely used because of their many benefits.

Orderpicking robot
Orderpicking robot

The benefits of an order picking robot

  • High productivity at more than 500 picks per hour
  • Significant increase in efficiency and optimal space utilisation
  • Eliminates walking and searching time
  • Few adaptations to infrastructure necessary
  • Scalable and flexible

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How does an order picking robot work?

Order picking robots are a proven effective solution for the goods-to-person concept. As well as the robots, this solution consists of mobile racks, ergonomic picking stations and the associated management software. 

The software sends the orders to the robots, which then autonomously move to the correct rack via a label-based route. The rack is lifted and transported to a picking station. 

Once all of the necessary items have been picked, the robot returns the mobile rack to the storage area. In the meantime, another robot has already dropped off the next rack at the picking station. 

The result is an impressive performance at more than 500 picks per hour with this Eiratech robots. Built-in checks prevent picking errors, thereby enhancing reliability and customer service. As an integrator we’re glad to apply this solution of Eiratech Robotics in our projects!


Image credits: Eiratech Robotics

Robot for orderpicking

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