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Repetitive character 

An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is perfect for highly repetitive tasks such as the transport and handling of pallets. One example is the supply and removal of production line goods, but AGVs also offer benefits elsewhere in intralogistics.

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The benefits of AGVs

  • Reliable, continuous process
  • Proven technology
  • Less damage, minimal chance of error
  • Variety of designs available
  • Savings on labour costs

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does an AGV work?

An AGV is an automated guided vehicle that is capable of autonomously managing the transport and handling of pallets. By means of laser navigation, GPS navigation or aided by vision technology, the AGV navigates safely around the warehouse or production floor. The vehicles are equipped with multiple sensors to maximise safety.

Because AGVs can be deployed at any time, they facilitate continuous processing. In addition, they are consistently accurate in their operation, thereby preventing damage to goods, resources or the building. The AGV is a tried and tested solution for transport over long distances or that is repetitive in nature. In addition to horizontal transport, the AGV is also being deployed more frequently for the entry and exit of goods. This offers plenty of benefits, particularly given the tightening of the labour market.

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