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Collect multiple orders in one batch

Looking for rapid, flawless picking for smaller order lines? The picking cart is the perfect solution. Multiple orders are collected in one batch on the cart, and the integrated put to light technology minimises picking errors and maximises the picking performance, guaranteed.

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The benefits of a picking cart

  • Picking multiple orders simultaneously
  • Fewer picking errors, increased picking productivity
  • Intuitive and user-friendly, minimal training required
  • Flexible design for customised deployment

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a picking cart work?

A picking cart is a smart solution for simultaneous multi-order picking. A number of order boxes or bins are placed on the cart, each of which is linked to the overview of orders to be picked. The order picker then moves through the order picking area with the cart. Put to light displays at the picking locations indicate at a glance which box or bin the goods should be placed in, minimising picking errors.

The system comes with software that automatically calculates the optimal batches, walking routes and cart structures. This means that order pickers always travel the shortest possible distance, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The picking cart can also be used in conjunction with other order picking technologies if desired.


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