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Orderfulfillment Improving your entire order process with the solutions for orderfulfillment.  Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Orderfulfillment Order fulfillment is the entire process of order processing. From the order that enters the order system upto the delivery to the customer. This term is mainly used in e-commerce. We divide the order picking…


Storage Solutions for more storage capacity, higher output and speeding up your logistics process Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Storage If you want to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market, automating – parts of – your warehouse processes is almost inevitable Automatic warehouse systems provide a higher output, more storage capacity…

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Warehouse software Control and optimise your warehouse processes with the right software Automation issue in your warehouse? Contact a consultant Warehouse software Nowadays, a modern and successful warehouse can’t work without intelligent software for process control and stock management. Costo develops the ideal configuration together with partner Xtend. The Arrow platform from Xtend offers the…

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What is warehouse automation?

What is warehouse automation? Magazijnautomatisering omvat alle automatiseringsinspanningen om het magazijn efficiënter in te richten. Automatisering van het magazijn heeft twee belangrijke eigenschappen: de hardware richt zich op de apparatuur in het magazijn en de software op de juiste aansturing van deze apparatuur. What are the benefits of warehouse automation? There are various reasons for…

Donation Edwin van der Sar Foundation

Erik Koudijs handed out the donation to Annemarie van der Sar of the Edwin van der Sar Foundation. This year we’ve decided to act a little different as usual at the end of the year. Instead of giving a personal present to our relations we made the decision to donate to a good cause instead:…

Erik Koudijs nieuwe CEO

Costo & Xtend appoint Erik Koudijs as new CEO Erik Koudijs (former MD Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Benelux) succeeds Alarik Lens van Rijn as CEO of Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software. With Erik Koudijs, Costo & Xtend have acquired a well-known name with extensive experience in the logistics sector. Erik Koudijs has been appointed to…

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Will you join our team? We have several vacancies available in our fast-growing organization! We are looking for an Operations Manager and a Service Manager. Are you looking for a unique role where you focus on professionalization for one of the fastest growing organizations in the field of integrated warehouse solutions? Then apply now! Click on the…