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Warehouse software plays an essential role in linking intralogistics systems. The implementation of software in warehouses has been a revolutionary development for logistics. Software helps to improve the performance of your warehouse, and provides clearer insight into all warehouse-related matters. Although there are many types and versions of warehouse software, they can be roughly divided into two categories: warehouse management systems and warehouse control systems.

Interested in how your warehouse could benefit from warehouse software? Read on to find out more about the role warehouse software plays.

Warehouse control system

The warehouse control system controls the equipment and systems in the warehouse, such as the automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and conveyors. A WCS also optimises the routing.

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How do WCS and WMS work?

The two major intralogistics software systems are warehouse management systems and warehouse control systems (WMS and WCS).

Warehouse management systems

The warehouse management system is linked to your warehouse and provides insight into your logistics processes. If your company uses an ERP system, then it’s a simple matter to link WMS to it so that the data aligns with other business processes such as invoicing or purchasing.

The software simplifies warehouse management and reduces the chance of errors. Overall, the system controls various warehouse processes such as order fulfilment, intake and removal, and picking instructions, which are then carried out by automated systems or order-pickers.

Costo uses a modular WMS, which enables the software to align more effectively with the unique features of your warehouse.

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Afbeelding Visualisatie bij artikel over magazijnsoftware

Improved warehouse control through real-time visualisation

In addition to WMS and WCS software, Costo also provides visualisation software. The data in this software is not only represented in figures, but also in the form of a real-time digital display of your warehouse that provides you with optimal insight into your processes. The visualisation gives you greater control over your warehouse processes, and helps you to identify any errors earlier.


If you’re wanting to design or redesign your warehouse layout, then ask about our warehouse simulation. This gives you an insightful reproduction of the situation and processes in your warehouse so that you can make more effective decisions about the various set-ups and systems.

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Which warehouse software should I choose?

There is no single perfect choice for a warehouse software system. A WCS differs from a WMS, and each of these systems has unique aspects. For example, a WMS receives information about a new order and ensures that the order-picking process will be smooth and efficient, while the WCS operates the warehouse equipment. Combining WMS and WCS is essentially the optimal way of using warehouse software. Because no two warehouses are the same, Costo makes it possible for you to choose from a variety of modules and tailor the software to suit your specific warehouse needs.

The benefits of warehouse software

Although the benefits you will experience depend to a great extent on the specific features of your warehouse, the following are the main general advantages of warehouse software:


  • Significant improvement in clarity and transparency in your warehouse;
  • Better management of warehouse stock and KPIs;
  • Optimisation of work processes;
  • Greater productivity;
  • More efficient use of warehouse space;
  • Earlier error detection;
  • A more efficient order-picking process.

What is the difference between WCS and WMS software?

WMS and WCS software are often simultaneously implemented in a warehouse. But how do WCS and WMS software actually differ? WMS software is focused on broader warehouse management, taking care of matters such as stock and order management. By contrast, WCS is intended for controlling and managing the hardware, such as warehouse systems and equipment. When used together, these two systems ensure a high degree of control over your warehouse processes, resulting in enhanced warehouse performance.

Software recommendations for your warehouse

If you are unsure about which software to use in your warehouse, our experienced team of experts will be more than happy to help! We will provide a custom solution specially tailored to suit the unique challenges in your warehouse.

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