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Warehouse software

WMS, WCS and vizualisation & simulation

Improve insight into the logistics process? Optimize productivity and cost control? Automating processes contributes to this. Which software solution can improve your warehouse? Discover the different possibilities here!

Arrow: The WMS of Costo

Nowadays, a modern and successful warehouse can’t work without intelligent software for process control and stock management. Costo developed the ideal configuration: Arrow.

The Arrow platform offers the possibility to choose from different modules, depending on your needs. A warehouse control system for the mechanical components, a simple warehouse management system for stock management or a state-of-the-art variant, complete with links to existing IT environments, pick modules, RF modules and/or extensive reporting options.

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Warehouse software

Warehouse control system

Reliable control of automated material handling systems.

Warehouse management system

Manages the warehouse smart and efficient!

Visualisation & simulation

Real time insights into the process

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Smart solutions for improving the intralogistic process.

Expertise of COSTO Intralogistics in practice

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