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Pallet transport, sorting or automatic order picking

A traverse shuttle is an extremely versatile system for automatic pallet transport. It makes optimal use of the available floor space to transport or sort pallets or for automatic order picking – in short, the traverse shuttle can do it all.


The benefits of traverse shuttles

  • Optimal use of available floor space
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Savings on labour
  • High productivity
  • Reduced incidence of damage and accidents

Automation issue in your warehouse?

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How does a traverse shuttle work?

A traverse shuttle consists of a traverse wagon and a pallet shuttle. The traverse wagon carries the shuttle automatically along a rail to the desired location or to the indicated storage channel. The shuttle moves beneath the pallet, lifts it up and brings the load safely and accurately to within the contours of the traverse wagon.
The wagon then transports the pallet and the shuttle to the drop-off location, where the shuttle safely deposits the pallet. The wagon and shuttle then continue along the route to the next pallet location. The system is suitable for various pallet sizes and enables compact pallet storage.

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