A new adventure

With a work history of one and a half years at Costo, Erika started here as a software consultant. Her adventure started blank, and without any prior knowledge of software package Arrow® WMS, she found herself in a business environment that was totally new to her. Erika’s eagerness to learn and her own initiative led her to quickly assimilate into her new position and immediately discover growth opportunities. She was intensively involved in discussions, was given additional tasks as project manager and actively sought information to be able to perform her tasks even better. You can get so much out of yourself! Much more than you think. I believe that everyone is capable of learning everything. I would like to pass that on to others,’ Erika says.

Costo Tilburg 2023


Erika prefers to do ‘as much as possible at once’, especially when these tasks are hectic in nature. Her job involves more than just answering sales enquiries. She also deals with quotation requests, clarifying software- and project management-related issues and other issues that come up when making choices about hardware and software at customer sites. She ensures that the right people are connected at the right time so that the customer is ultimately able to make the right choices.

Erika’s involvement starts as early as the preliminary phase, when she takes a critical look at the initial agreements and draws up suitable quotations to avoid surprises later on. Project management (which she took up from the very beginning at Costo) is also still part of her remit. During the project, she checks several times how the cooperation is going and how the customer experiences it. Where necessary, she can then make timely and pleasant adjustments.


Developing together

What makes Erika most proud is that she acquired all the necessary knowledge herself and reached her current position in a short time. She stresses the importance of continuous development, especially in terms of communication between clients and the company. Her ultimate goal is to keep the lines of communication short and be there for customers as one team.


Athlete mentality

Her 25 years of experience in the sports world is clearly reflected in how Erika tackles the tasks. She prefers to always be busy and moving and has a great drive to make Costo a success. In addition to her work at Costo, she gives sports lessons, participates in various activities such as salsa dancing and darts, and delves into various topics such as spirituality. She also enjoys learning new things.

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