To keep up with the growth and complexity of questions from’s customers, Costo was brought in for the hardware & software in the new warehouse.

Summary about the project

With top quality coffee, comes top quality shipping. That’s why the logistics and warehousing are organized by Bouw Logistics. At the end of 2022, moved to the new location and Costo’s intralogistics solutions were put into use.

The systems are controlled by the WMS (warehouse management system), in addition we delivered the hardware, such as pick to light order picking, conveyors and flow racks.

Patrick Endeman of Bouw Logistics on the project: “Because Costo supplies both hardware and software, they have few integration problems; it fits seamlessly. Moreover, the installation is easy to expand in the future because they work with a modular structure.”

If you want to learn more about the project read the full case study here!