Prevent walking distances and save order pickers’ time with goods-to-person solutions. Learn about the possibilities!

What’s Goods-to-person orderpicking?

With goods-to-person orderpicking, automated systems bring the correct articles to the order pickers. This saves order pickers walking distances as well as time wasted searching for the right goods in the warehouse.

What are the solutions for goods-to-person orderpicking?

These three smart solutions bring the right articles to the orderpickers:

  1. Orderpicking robots
  2. Mini Loads
  3. Platformlifts

How do good-to-person solutions work?

A short explanation for every solution:

Orderpicking robotOrderpicking robots

robots are now indisputably an integral part of any warehouse, being utilised for a wide variety of often repetitive tasks. In particular, goods-to-person order picking robots are widely used because of their many benefits. Click here for extra info about orderpicking robots.


Mini loads

Mini loads are ideal for storing large quantities of bins, trays or boxes in limited area. A mini load automatically and efficiently manages the entry and exit of goods in accordance with the goods-to-person principle.

Click here for more info about mini loads.


Plateaulift leanliftPlatformlift

A platform lift enables compact and efficient goods storage. The goods are directly presented to the order picker. Transport and waiting times are kept to a minimum, improving picking performance and guaranteeing high productivity. Read more about platfomlifts


For which warehouses does a goods-to-person solution make sense?

Goods-to-person solutions are becoming increasingly common. The automated systems save order pickers’ time. This makes it possible to grow, without the necessary expansion of the workforce. A practical solution in times of staff shortages! Especially for warehouses where order picking accounts for a large part of the staff’s work, such as webshops and 3PL/logistics service providers.


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