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Efficient orderpicking

Every warehouse or distribution center is unique and requires different picking process. The mult-order picking module within the Arrow WMS can link and control the various order picking processes. With the module, the process is always arranged according to individual wishes. In this way, the WMS guides your articles through various steps in the picking process.

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Multi-orderpicking module benefits

Combining the various processes such as zone picking, pick to light and voice picking in the warehouse automation and having them controlled by the WMS creates an efficient process. This offeres as important advantages:

• The walking distances for order pickers are reduced.
• Orders can be shipped on priority.
• Optimal system utilization.
• Flexible use for different picking processes.

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How a multi-orderpicking module works

The multi-orderpicking module is always tailored to the situation and customer needs of the warehouse in question. Some examples of the module’s capabilities are the following:

  • The module ensures that items are picked based on pick locations that are together and controls processes such as pick-to-light, voice-picking an label printing. This reduces walking distances for order pickers. This saves time and provides convenience.
  • Another function of the module is to determine where the most space is available on the conveyor system. This allows you to choose an optimal flow or rankings based on priority of shipment.
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