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Stock always in the smartest location

Picking orders as efficiently as possible every day means that the stock must always be stored in the smartest location in the warehouse. The replenishment module of our Arrow WMS ensures that the goods in the bulk stock are in the right place and always in stock. The WMS then keeps track of the picking stock and replenishes it in a timely manner. As a result, order pickers do not stand in front of an empy shelf and do not make unnecessary steps. Eliminating unnecessary kilometers is nog only good for productivity, but also for the order pickers themselves.

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Replenishment module benefits

With a large growth in demand, the warehouse may seem too small. This is nog always due to the number of square meters, but often due to the layout. With the replenishment module of the Arrow WMS you make optimal use of the space. In addition to savings in m2, this results in:

  • An efficient stock layout
  • Efficient order picking
  • Constant insight into the available storage capacity

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How a replenishment module works

The replenishment module of the Arrow WMS of Costo ensures the best position of the stock within the warehouse. The WMS module takes care of the calculation in rules demand and supply between bulk stock and pick stock.

The module calculates the required number of items at each position in the warehouse. This depends for example on the turnover rate, how of often the items have been sold in the past few days and the minimum or maximum stock. Based on these facts, among others, the software module predicts how many items must be prepared each day to make order picking run smoothly.

For an optimal warehouse layout, stock that is nog needed in the short term can be stored high while the right picking stock is nearby for timely delivery!

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