Generate more performance with current staff. By applying smart hardware and software solutions, there are often numerous opportunities to set up processes in the warehouse more efficiently.

How can I generate more performance with current staff?

There are several ways to generate more performance in a warehouse with the current staff.
We have listed 4 possibilities for you.

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1. Smart software

With the right WMS, you always and everywhere keep control of your goods flows and your stocks.

The warehouse management system (WMS) is the brain behind all warehouse automation. A smart software system contributes to more efficient warehouse logistics. This system also communicates with multiple intralogistics systems simultaneously, gives you precise information about your inventory and calculates the most efficient route for order picking.

2. Goods-to-person order picking

This saves order pickers walking distances and time searching for the right goods. Goods-to-person picking includes all intralogistics systems that automatically transport goods to the order picker. This reduces walking times for warehouse workers, makes the warehouse more compact and increases efficiency.

Examples of goods-to-person order picking systems:

3. Automation of material handling

Save walking distances of warehouse workers by automating internal transport. This can be done with conveyors for boxes, totes or pallets. Other examples of internal transport for pallets are: monorail, traverse or AGV.

4. Automatic Storage systems

This ensures higher output, lower error rates and bring speed to your logistics process. There are different types of automatic storage systems. For totes, trays or boxes, a Mini load is an appropriate solution. For automatic storage of pallets in the warehouse, a stacker crane or shuttle is a practical solution.


What warehouses are these solutions suitable for?

Every warehouse is unique and brings its own challenges. Are you thinking about redesigning your warehouse? Then it is advisable to first identify where the most profit can be made. For example, see where the most mistakes are made and which processes take the most time. Get advice from an expert of Costo Intralogistics.

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