What is Voice picking?

Voice-picking is voice-activated order picking. It can be done with different systems, such as with a vest or headset. The vest contains voice components and a speaker set for optimal, voice-controlled order picking. The great advantage of voice picking is that it frees up the order pickers’ hands. This system can also be a great help if employees speak different languages, as it is available in several languages.

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Knowledge at a glance

Five good reasons to use voice technologie in order picking

In short, then:

  1. More productivity. The hands and eyes are really free, so that the employees can concentrate better
    on performing the tasks.
  2. Better quality. Each action is confirmed and then validated by a voice command. It is almost impossible to act more accurately. The quality checks can in any case be carried out less often, which also saves time.
  3. Optimized process costs. Paperless processes, higher productivity and a reduced error rate naturally lead to lower costs and a fast payback time (ROI). Also don’t forget the increased satisfaction with your customers thanks to the better delivery process.
  4. Satisfaction and acceptance. The ease of use and the clearly better work results also make it much more fun for your employees.
  5. More security. Hands-free working and the unobstructed view also make working safer. In countless studies we can read that increased safety can bring many benefits.

For optimal efficiency in the warehouse, voice picking, like pick-to-light, is often used in combination with zone picking.

More information about voice-picking?

Choosing an appropriate order picking method is important. You want to make sure it suits your team, ambitions and the warehouse/ DC.

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Inspiration from practice

Find out more about voice-picking at other organisations.

Watch and learn about voice-picking at the Rolf Group now.

More than order-picking

What has surprised us so much lately is that ‘Voice’ has almost become synonymous with voice picking. While there are so many other possibilities to improve processes in the supply chain with this technology. We name a few:

  • Goods receipt
  • Cross Docking
  • Stock replenishment
  • Quality control
  • Dispatch
  • Security Checks
  • Maintenance

And that’s not even all. Voice technology can be used in many places in the distribution center. Have we already got you thinking a bit?


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