The challenge

Complexity, cost and growth

Patrick Endeman, director of operations at Bouw Fulfilment Services, is happy to tell us more. “We send coffee directly to consumers. Here it is essential that logistics and warehousing run smoothly. Repair costs are high when consumers receive shipments incorrectly or late. In addition to correct delivery, shipping costs, growth and complexity also play an increasing role; with the growth of, the stock is increasing and the range of coffees is widening. Bouw Fulfilment Services is judged on the number of orders processed and correct delivery of these orders.”

The solution

Complete and scalable modular system

To keep up with the growth and complexity, Costo was brought in. Alarik Lens van Rijn, sales manager at Costo, explains. “Bouw Logistics is a company with a rich history and a lot of experience in logistics. We are proud to work with such a company. Meanwhile, the hardware and software have been installed. The systems are controlled by Costo Software’s WMS (warehouse management system) and Costo Intralogistics supplied the hardware.”

Costo delivered the following systems:

  • Picking through reach trucks, carts and pick-to-light carts.
  • Most sold coffee products via flow rack and pallet locations directly to the conveyor.
  • Sorting to three outputs and an “error output” (also called noread or reject output).
  • Picking from flowrack and option to set up boxes that are fully picked after the flowrack.
  • Option to set up empty boxes and boxes that have already been partially picked in before flowrack.
  • Automatic taping and labeling of boxes.
  • Automatic box folder.

Patrick Endeman says time was the biggest challenge during implementation. “We moved the goods from Ruinerwold to Gorredijk within a few days. Because we didn’t process website orders for a while, we started with a backlog. During the first days, Costo supported us on site and later remotely.”

The result

Capacity for grow further

According to Patrick, it is too early to list all the benefits of the transition. “A start-up phase is never completely flawless. We will see over the next six months what impact the move and implementation have. In any case, we are satisfied with the cooperation with Costo. They look for the best solution together with the customer. Even in this challenging time, when capacity is under pressure, they managed to live up to the schedule.”

“Even in this challenging time, they managed to live up to the planning.”

In addition to this project for, Costo also supplied the hardware and software for where Bouw Fulfilment Services also handles logistics and warehousing. “Costo is our in-house supplier. We built on the existing relationship. We choose Costo because they deliver good and flexible applications for business-to-consumer (B2C). Because they work with a modular structure, the installation is easy to expand in the future. Because Costo delivers both hardware and software, we experience few integration problems; it fits seamlessly,” Patrick said.

Meeting Costo Intralogistics


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