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Other modules of the Arrow WMS

Every warehouse/ DC is unique and has it’s own challenges. In order to provide a suitable offering for every warehouse, Arrow WMS has many different modules:

  • Inbound
  • Count
  • Outbound
  • Transfer
  • Alert: automatic alers bij calamities
  • Document: Labels, packing information etc.
  • l18N, internationalization: Multiligualism in articles
  • Hazardous: Hazardous substances
  • Customs: Customs activities
  • Location management: Automatic location determination
  • Checkapp: Packing
  • Financial: Allocation of costs to certain activities for invoicing
  • Mobile: Integration of mobile terminals (Voice/ RF)
  • Sort: Sorting out of orders
  • Routing: Optimal routes in the warehouse
  • Transport
  • Replenishment
  • Conveyor 
  • Multi-orderpick
  • AS/RS 
  • Productie
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